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Here at Wilson & Wilson Co., L.P.A., our attorneys provide highly skilled, end-to-end legal representation to physicians and medical service businesses, from the contract development stage to litigation.

We assist a rather broad range of clients: generalist and specialist physicians, hospitals, private practice clinics, and more, which has helped us to understand the factors influencing negotiations on each side.  We find that — oftentimes — we are able to secure a favorable result by virtue of our more “bird’s eye” view of a given conflict.

Contract Negotiation and Execution

We regularly work with medical professionals in negotiating contract terms with various organizations, including hospitals, clinics, and research facilities.  Our team has experience evaluating the fairness of such contracts on the basis of a wide range of factors, from basic compensation to the area of practice, facility restrictions, benefits, and more.

In negotiating contracts, we are particularly careful to evaluate issues that could lead to conflict down the line.  As litigators, we are often exposed to contract disputes that could have been prevented with intelligent, detail-oriented planning — as such, we are always cognizant of what can be done preliminarily to minimize the possibility of a later dispute.

Contract Litigation

Ultimately, a dispute may be inevitable if the defendant organization does not adhere to the terms of a physician agreement.  Professionals involved in disputes with a medical facility over compensation — or over some other aspect of their contract — may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of a conflict with an entity that has significant resources and goodwill at their disposal.

We strive to level the litigation playing field by investing the time and attention necessary to develop persuasive claims, and to advocate on behalf of our clients in a manner that accounts for the particularities of their case.

Commercial Transactions in the Medical Industry

Much of our work here at Wilson & Wilson involves service as outside corporate counsel for businesses.  We bring this expertise to clients in the medical industry as well — private practice clinics and other medical businesses rely on us to guide them through the legal requirements at every stage, from creating a suitable corporate structure to taxation issues and more.

Here at Wilson & Wilson, our team has extensive experience working with physicians on the review, negotiation, and preparation of contracts.  Over the years, our experiences in the medical industry have given us insight into the challenges that physicians and businesses face in the industry, and have helped us develop the tools necessary to effectively navigate those challenges.

If you are a physician — no matter your particular specialty — and are planning to sign a contract with a hospital/clinic, or are involved in a dispute over your contract, then we encourage you to contact an attorney here at Wilson & Wilson for comprehensive legal guidance.